UK Film Lab Spotlight | Jeni Smith

Today we’re so pleased to share a colourful and exciting collection of images from a very talented photographer and long-time UK Film Lab client, Jeni Smith.  These images are from a trip Jeni took to America last year.  But first, let’s hear a bit about what makes Jeni tick!

1. Why do you take photographs?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a huge love for photography, be it shooting, visiting exhibitions or following some of my favourite photographers’ work.  It’s not something I’m able or want to switch off from!  I’ve always been more of a creative than academic person, and photography allows me to express this side of myself.  Photography is a really powerful medium.  To be able to capture life, tell stories and freeze moments in time is something I’ve always be fascinated with.  I love to shoot for myself creatively, and to shoot for my clients at some of the biggest occasions in their lives – from their wedding day to their first born – is a huge privilege.

2. Why do you shoot film?

I started out shooting film.  When digital came along I made the switch and although I still shoot a lot of work for my clients on digital, it is film that’s always been my biggest love.  With film there isn’t a lot of room for error as far as exposure and getting the shot right in camera is concerned.  I think moving back into film has made me a better photographer.  It’s slowed me down to make me think about the composition and shot I’m taking.  I love the feel of shooting on my film cameras, the excitement of sending off the film for processing, and receiving back the scans.  I personally think everything looks nicer and more flattering on film.  The gorgeous colours and grain are just something I couldn’t reproduce on digital.  Although there are many presets around to create that ‘film look’ it still doesn’t have the depth and quality that shooting film does.  Plus I don’t want to be sat behind a computer for hours, I want to be out shooting!

3. Why do you use UK Film Lab?

When Christian announced that you were opening UK Film Lab I was really excited!  It was great to be part of the beta testing days. On receiving back my first set of scans I was amazed by the standard and quality of service you provided.  To have such a high standard of lab here in the UK was very much needed and something I will continue to support.

UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-01UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-02UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-03UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-04UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-05UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-06UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-07UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-08UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-09UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-10UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-11UK Film Lab-Jeni Smith-12Thanks for sharing these amazing images with us Jeni – we can’t get enough of them!

Images shot by Jeni on Contax, Portra 400, Dev/Scan UK Film Lab. To check out more of Jeni’s work visit

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