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Canadian Film Lab is owned and operated by Christian & Erica Ward. We are professional photographers with an obsessive eye for all the things that make a good photograph, so your film is in good hands! Read a little more about our approach and ethos here. We are currently accepting new clients onto our closed client list, which we operate to manage ever-growing demand, to ensure that we continue to offer an exceptionally high and personal quality of service.

Canadian Film Lab originally started out in England as UK Film Lab. We set up our lab out of frustration with what was on offer in the UK for professional photographers looking for consistently exceptional service from a film lab, and we rapidly expanded to become the lab for professional photographers throughout the UK, Europe and many other countries around the world such as Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and many more. Some years later when following our dream to live in Canada, it seemed natural that we would bring our wealth of experience and skill in running UK Film Lab with us and establish Canadian Film Lab. As fellow film photographers, we understand the exacting requirements that you have because we have those exacting requirements ourselves. Shooting film is an expensive process, and that’s why only the best results from your lab are good enough. If you’d like to check out some of our wedding photography work please take a look at our website, Erica’s personal blog and Christian’s personal blog

All profile photos shot on FP3000b with a Polaroid 600SE.

Christian. Owner of Canadian Film Lab. Scans, edits, develops, usually in charge of Spotify.


Erica. Owner of Canadian Film Lab. Scans, edits, develops, chief list-maker and whiteboard writer, makes (a lot of) tea.

Honorary member, Jackie. Jackie was the backbone of our previous lab, UK Film Lab, and she also had major coffee skills

Honorary CFL member, David. David was instrumental in the running of our previous incarnation as UK Film Lab.

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