We offer you fixed/set pricing in your own currency, to save you money and uncertainty. No more worrying what your lab bill will be today; no more currency exchange fees. For a number of the major worldwide currencies we offer fixed, set, currency-specific pricing. If you usually use a lab in your own country why not check out our prices and service and see how much more you could be getting for your money. Please click on your country/currency below for pricing:


United States


Eurozone countries (countries in Europe using the Euro)


If your country is not listed above please use the pricing information for Canada, and we look forward to working with you! We’ve been able to offer specific pricing for a number of the most common currencies. Unfortunately there are limits to the number of currencies we can offer, so we do apologise if your country isn’t here. 

Please note prices may change without notice. Our current pricing will always be displayed in the links above, so you’ll always know what your final lab bill will be.

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