From the very beginning we firmly believed in helping our clients further their skills in shooting film. We were the first lab to create a truly accurate, comprehensive study on the effects of exposure on the main pro colour film stocks, and this resource continues to be very popular among film shooters and is frequently referenced by social media and photography websites.

We provide personalised feedback with each and every order to help photographers to understand their results, and this also goes hand in hand with our free scan tailoring service, CFL-Pro, allowing us to give even more feedback to show you how elements of your approach can help you to achieve what you’re aiming for.

We have created this page as a central hub where we link to the education resources we create, to save googling and scrolling through blog posts! We will also be providing workshop opportunities in the future.

Exposure test for the main pro colour film stocks

Exposure test for Kodak TRI-X

Kodak TRI-X pushed to ISO 6400

Kodak Portra 400 pulled one stop

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