International Shipping

We have clients all over the world (in fact 26 countries!) and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we’ve put in a lot of work to ensure that we can have a relationship with you, giving you a QUICK and COST EFFECTIVE way of getting your film to us in our mountain location. We have secured preferential rates with DHL – one of the world’s most reputable international carriers – and done a lot of number crunching back at our HQ so that we can offer you a good deal, and your film in our hands in as little as 2 working days*!

All you need to do is:

1. Click the link below that corresponds to the country you’re sending your film from.

2. Select the category for the number of rolls in your order; this latter stage is very important because it tells us how heavy your parcel is.

3. Enter your details on the Checkout page (following the instructions you’ll find on a pop-up on the page) and then pay securely via PayPal

4. As soon as we receive the auto notification of your shipping order we’ll book the shipment with DHL, and you’ll automatically receive a waybill PDF and a weblink so that you can specify a convenient collection window. We check regularly for new shipping requests but please bear in mind the effect of any time difference and that our usual ‘opening hours’ are 09.00 – 17.00 Pacific Standard Time (8 hours behind GMT).

5. When using this service it is important to include only your rolls of film and your order form in your package, because we calculate the weight for you based on the number of rolls you are sending. It is also important to use a package that fits your film. A padded/bubble envelope – properly secured – is adequate, and we recommend sealing your order within a plastic bag or wrapper within the envelope. If using a box please use the smallest size possible. Please do not send oversized boxes/packaging, as this may lead to an increased shipping cost. Please do not use a paper or cardboard envelope without additional padding/protection and sealing. If you have any questions about packaging please let us know.

You might have a few questions about things like customs, tax and other aspects of shipping, so we’ve created a special Shipping FAQ just for you.

UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, Rep. of Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, China, Slovakia, Mexico, ChileSweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark
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Jersey, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Albania, RomaniaSouth Africa, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia
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*International shipping time starts from 2 working days. The usual shipping time is 3 working days but this is a guide only and may vary. Please note this service option is made available for the convenience of our customers through DHL Express and is not directly affiliated with Canadian Film Lab. The information we provide about this service is intended as a guide, based on information provided by DHL to us. For more information about DHL Express including their shipping terms & conditions please visit their website