UK Film Lab Spotlight – Chloe Browne, Caught the Light

We love Chloe Browne. Not only is she a pleasure to have as a client but she takes breathtaking photographs which we love working on. Chloe has a worldwide reputation and photographs weddings all around the globe. Known for her beautiful use of natural light, her style really suits the tone and feel of film. We asked her some questions and here are her answers, with some absolutely gorgeous images to round things off! Enjoy 🙂

Why do you take photographs? What inspires you?

I take photographs because I don’t like to forget things. Life is all too often, so fleeting but I love that a photo will trigger a memory I would likely otherwise have forgotten. I’m inspired by beautiful light, as ridiculous as that sounds, learning very early on that good light is what makes me want to make an image.

Images have always been so important to me and I was always intrigued by my grandfather’s camera. The last photo ever taken of him, I took on his 35mm camera in Cornwall. He was our family photographer and I like to think he passed it along in his genes.

Tell us a little about why you started to shoot film, and what shooting film does for you.

I’m predominantly a digital photographer and taught myself how to shoot with a DSLR but for me, film is just magic. It looks like my dreams (once UK Film Lab have worked their magic) and I don’t achieve that same aesthetic with digital. I shoot all of my personal work on film and all of my portraiture now. I’ve managed to incorporate a little film into my wedding days, but still keep up with the fast-paced nature of weddings, which I love. I really slow down when I shoot film and I’m a lot more deliberate and considered, too. I feel like it’s made me a more observant photographer.

Why do you use UK Film Lab?

I use UK Film Lab because your feedback has been invaluable. I also appreciate supporting homegrown businesses and that you give my film such personal attention. You look after my film and I very well.

You use light beautifully to create your gorgeous images.  Could you tell us a little bit about how you developed your style?

Firstly, thank you! I chose the name Caught the Light as before I really got serious, people would always say “you caught the light well in that one”. It’s a stupid name but I’m stubborn, so it stuck.

I started off shooting weddings six years ago and fell in love with Jose Villa’s work and the way he seeks out the light. He has such a beautiful eye and makes everything look ethereal and I was drawn to his work immediately. When I started investing in photography, I quickly became dependent on prime lenses as I loved how they helped me hone in on the details I noticed. I also liked that they let me shoot in really low-light situations without always needing to use flash, which means I can creep around a bit and blend in more.

Do you have any tips for your fellow film photographers?

One of the best purchases I ever made in shooting film was buying a polaroid back for my 645. Being a digital girl, I like that reassurance of knowing that my kit is in working order so I can shoot to my heart’s content.

Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0014Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0015Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0016Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0017Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0018Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0019Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0020Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0021Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0022Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0023Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0024Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0025Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0026Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0027Chloe Browne UK Film Lab_0028

You can check out more of Chloe’s wonderful work at Caught the Light


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