Six Things You Need to Know About Canadian Film Lab

(1) We want to be your first and only choice lab

We want to offer the best possible scans and the best possible service.  We believe in the quality of what we offer and we care passionately about what we do.  We truly believe that you won’t find better scans. Anywhere.  We currently have happy clients sending us film from all over the world. Not convinced?  Why not follow the recommendations of many wonderful film shooters, and try us?  We welcome feedback, ideas, comments and suggestions and we want to make your job as a photographer easier and more rewarding by working closely with you to produce beautiful final images.  If you use us already, we want to be your lab forever.  And if you don’t use us already, what are you waiting for?

(2) We will give you feedback with every order you send to us – and there’s no extra charge

As a complimentary part of our service we give all our clients feedback on their film in each order.  Factors such as under or over exposure and choice of light influence the final look that we achieve from the scanning process.  It’s really only us at the lab who know what your images look like before correction and this can mean that as a photographer, you miss out on a valuable learning opportunity. So we give as much feedback as possible – at no extra cost – to help you improve and move towards achieving the look you’re aiming for with your film. This also works hand in hand with our free scan tailoring service, CFL-Pro, so that we can help you further if we feel there are elements to your shooting that are standing in the way of achieving what you’re aiming for.

UK Film Lab_0001

(3) We recognise that each image you send us is unique – and that’s how we treat it

Every single frame on every single roll is scanned AND edited individually to ensure that it looks as good as it possibly can.  ‘Auto’ or ‘basic’ is an unknown word here at Canadian Film Lab.

(4) We will tailor the way we scan and edit your work to suit your desired style – and (yes, you guessed it) there’s no extra charge

We can either do this informally, with you adding a note to your order form telling us a little about the look you’re hoping to get with your images.  Alternatively you can join Canadian Film Lab Pro.  Both options are completely free of charge!  To join CFL-Pro you’ll start by filling out a CFL-Pro form, which you can download HERE.  CFL-Pro works hand in hand with the feedback we provide with every order, and we’ll be able to advise on film stock choice and exposure technique to help you give us what we need in order to deliver the look you want.

UK Film Lab_0002

(5) Canadian Film Lab is owned and run by Christian and Erica Ward, and we’re professional photographers who shoot film…

…So we know how important creating beautiful images is to you and to your clients

(6) Client happiness is our number one priority

As a Canadian Film Lab client we want you to be not just satisfied, but HAPPY!  We are proud to have many happy and loyal customers, and most of our clients have found us through enthusiastic personal recommendations:

“The most beautiful scans I ever got. THANK YOU!”

“Amazing service, great knowledge and eager to help in all situations.”

“A great lab that produces amazing results every single time.”

“Thank you for being so careful and devoted to make every.single.frame. look its best. You’re the best!!”

“Your customer service is utterly unrivalled. Thanks again and I love you both.”

“Thank you so much for your invaluable feedback…I’ve started to read it before I open my scans and it’s absolutely above and beyond what you are obliged to offer as a lab, so I am so, so thankful for it.”

UK Film Lab_0003

All images in this post by Christian and Erica Ward, developed and scanned Canadian Film Lab

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