UK Film Lab Spotlight | Isabelle Hesselberg

For this week’s UK Film Spotlight we’re bringing it back to another of our beta testers – Isabelle Hesselberg, a film photographer from Sweden. We’re pretty lucky to have had such talent with us from the beginning of UK Film Lab – not only does Isabelle take incredibly beautiful photographs but she’s an enthusiastic supporter of film and of our lab.  We were really spoilt for choice when deciding which shoot to feature, but in the end it was the delicate yet punchy colours of these images that made up our minds.  Love these so much!  Thanks Isabelle for sharing.

Here’s a little Q&A with Isabelle with a selection of photographs underneath, shot on Contax 645 using Fuji 400N.

1. Why do you take photographs?

I have a need to capture gorgeous light, it’s almost therapeutic. I feel good when I shoot. I shoot because I have to, it’s a huge part of my inner being. I’ve always had the urge to express myself in images, so I’ve been painting, drawing and photographing since I was a little girl.

2. Why do you shoot film?

To be honest, the grain and colours of film somehow makes moments feel more authentic. It’s also heritage. The tradition of sending a roll of film to be developed, of holding the memories in my hands. I have been shooting film a long time before the digital era and I’m so happy to be back shooting only film.

3. Why do you use UK Film Lab?

UK Film Lab has helped me develop my style and aesthetic vision. I tried many different labs before I found UK Film Lab, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good relationship with you lab. With UK Film Lab I always get great results and can’t ever imagine using any other lab ever again. They have done everything to accommodate my needs and the service they provide is absolutely amazing. I’m UK Film Lab’s biggest fan!

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