UK Film Lab Spotlight | Jared Macias

We’re back with this week’s UK Film Lab Spotlight!  We’ve decided from now on to expand this feature a little to give a bit more information about the photographer in question, and this week we’re handing over to Jared Przemek Macias who sent us some beautiful film from a recent shoot he did, using Fuji 400H through a Mamiya 645afd with 80mm f/1.9.

1. Why do you take photographs?

I was always a musician (guitar and singing) but when I was studying I tried photography once and my results were better than I thought…so a few years ago I decided to pursue photography as a passion!  Don’t wanna do business… just good photography!

2. Why do you shoot film?

I fell in love with film when I saw Jose Villa’s website for a first time. Film has soul, and as UK Film Lab once said – “film is a state of mind” – and this is my favourite quote now!

3. Why do you use UK Film Lab?

UK Film Lab gives me exactly what I expect from my film – it’s as simple as that – and they look even better than how I visualise them in my head when I take them.

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