International Clients

Our history as a lab started in England as UK Film Lab, and in the early days we didn’t envisage that we would become a lab with hundreds of happy customers from many, many countries all around the world. And so despite having the name of a country in our name, we have always enjoyed our international customer base and we constantly work to ensure we can make it easy for our whole customer base to access our services. This is why for our international customers we offer the following advantages:

  • A fixed price list in each of the following currencies: GBP, Euro, USD, AUD, and the facility to pay in that currency. Why do we do this? Simply because it makes it easier for you to see how much you’re paying, and it also means you don’t lose out as currencies fluctuate, and you also don’t have to pay nasty currency conversion fees charged by your bank/card provider. Already using a lab in your own country? Why not check out our pricing and see how much more you can get for your money! See our Pricing page for details.
  • Preferential rates for fast (usually 2-3 day), easy shipping to us from wherever in the world you may be. Please see our International Shipping page for details.
  • If you live in the UK or Europe you can take advantage of our Film Forwarding Service; every Thursday a DHL shipment will leave our UK address, bound for Canadian Film Lab. So if you’re shooting smaller volumes of film all you need to do is ensure your film is with us by Thursday, and then 2-3 days later it’ll arrive with us in Canada at no cost to you.
  • You may also use your own preferred courier or national mail service.

For full information on how to send us your film, please visit our Send Us Film page where you’ll also find order forms.

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