Running a film workshop? We can help!

Here at Canadian Film Lab we are passionate about film! Whether we’re shooting it ourselves, or meticulously processing, scanning and editing it for our valued clients, we love everything about it! This extends into the world of film photography education.

If you’re a current client of Canadian Film Lab, based anywhere around the world, and you’re running a group training event or workshop focused on an aspect of film photography, please touch base at to find out how we can support you! We feel that high quality educational events can really help film to thrive into the future, and as such we’re pleased to offer support as part of a workshop sponsorship package. When you contact us, please provide as much information as possible to help us understand the aims of your event and the experience that you plan for your attendees. What aspects of film photography will you focus on, how is the training being delivered, who is your target audience, where will the event take place and how many attendees will there be? With this information we can tailor the type of support and input we provide.

The following package is based on what we’ve found works well, but we’re always happy to talk about bespoke ways in which we can help to support your event:

– Please contact us at the start of your workshop planning, so that we have plenty of time to consider how we can support your event in the best possible way. As a minimum please contact us 2 months before your workshop date, if you’d like us to be your event sponsor/partner.
– Please include our details (website & logo) in your workshop announcements, publicity, website etc throughout the run-up to your event. The exact use of appropriate materials and wording can be discussed. As a film lab we always work closely with our clients to help them get the best from their film shooting, and it’s important to promote partnership between a photographer and their film lab; the idea of working together as a team.
– All workshop sponsorship arrangements should be discussed and agreed between you and us in full, before any sponsorship announcements are made.
– We offer a standard rate discount to workshop leaders and to trainees/participants for their film shot at the workshop, for our standard turnaround service.*
– We would ask that Canadian Film Lab is the sole film lab partner to your event.
– We will promote your training event through our popular social media channels (our Facebook business page and Instagram stories). Please provide details of any promotional posts you would like us to make, with at least 3 weeks notice. Any imagery used must have been processed and scanned at Canadian Film Lab. We can support at least two separate promotional announcements (you might like us to post early in the run-up to your event to promote attendance, or as a later reminder about available seats). Depending on our time commitments we are very happy to consider making additional promotional announcements, so please just let us know!

We are also happy to discuss rates for providing more ‘hands on’ input into your learning event, whether this be through creating and preparing bespoke educational handouts relevant to your topics, or delivering a session as speakers at your event (depending on the location and time of year, this may often be through a FaceTime patch-in as we may not able to attend in person due to our lab schedule).

*Photographers can still access our Express or Super Express services. The discount rate will be applied to the price per roll for standard turnaround, and the express/super express supplement is added to the non-discounted rate. Discount not to be used in conjunction with any other offer special offer pricing or discount.

All images captured by Christian & Erica Ward on Contax 645/Fuji 400H:

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