UKFL Image of the Day Round-Up

We’re going back in time today, catching up with our Image of the Day round-ups. And what a lot of catching up we have to do! We’re happy to report that 2015 was our BUSIEST year ever and although we love sharing work on social media, we prioritised working on film for our customers….which is why we are confident in saying that we have always delivered film early or on time as many have noticed! But on with the photographs…We have an absolutely gorgeous selection from last April and May to share with you, full of beautiful colour and light. Thank you to all of the talented photographers who have taken part in our Image of the Day feature…you can check out more of their work by following the weblinks in each name. Please enjoy and feel free to share and watch out for more to come over the next few weeks.

Paula O’Hara:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0002

Alex Bonney:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0003

Mark Henson:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0004

Joakim Hertze:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0005

Chloe Browne:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0006

Caroline Cherrill:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0007

Karol Tracz:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0008

Faye Cornhill:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0009

Melanie Nedelko:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0010

Tereza Lee:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0011

Erica Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0012

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0013

Alex Bonney:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0014

Karen Wright:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0015

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0016

Gareth Morton:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0017

Lukasz Baszko:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0018

Mark Lim:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0019

Christian Ward:

UK Film Lab Film developing_0020

And of all the beautiful images together!

UK Film Lab Film developing_0021

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