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A little overdue because of how busy you’ve all been keeping us, but now we are very happy to share the work of our latest UK Film Lab Spotlight photographer. Sonia is not only a talented photographer but she is also a very sweet, kind and thoughtful lady. She is far too bashful when it comes to her talent but we think it’s clear from this short study on colour that Sonia is not short on artistic ability and technical skill.

Why do you take photographs?

Well, that’s the 10 millon dollar question, isn’t it? I really can’t be sure…I think it is a need as much as it is part of who I am. A while ago, I felt a sort of epiphany. I had been feeling that there is this a certain thing in every picture I take. Like a personal and concealed message, and when it wasn’t there the way I subconsciously had anticipated it, I would get madly frustrated at myself. It took me a long time to understand the meaning of this. Until I realized that what I was trying to show or tell in most of my framing and documenting is that everybody and everything fits. It just does. You fit. We all do. Perfectly. Framed by what ever surrounds us, on any given second. I imagine that ultimately, by continuously searching and exposing this sense of harmony and belonging around me, I might be searching for my own sense of belonging. That by doing that, I fit too.

Why do you shoot film?

It started with a long time frustration of having been shooting film since I was a child, and never really mastering it. I felt I wanted to learn the real craft behind photography. Of course, I never expected to love it this much. Film and my Hasselblad have taught me a lot about myself and the person I am. When one carefully thinks on how to best use every single frame, that is when ones’ essence starts to reveal itself. Film has been a huge part in finding the links I was missing to fully understand my call. Also, film is full of surprises! A new stock, or a new camera makes all the difference in the results. Every light/stock/camera combo gives different results, and that is just mesmerizing! Something the digital experience will never offer.

Why do you use UK Film Lab?

Bad service is a deal breaker for me, in every part of my business and personal life. UK Film Lab’s service is an experience by itself. I feel appreciated as a custumer, never treated like I was taken for granted. The film I send is treated just the same way. Every frame respected for its uniqueness. I never felt the least neglected by UK Film Lab. Never. Also, it is important to know that the consequent results in developing and scanning are a huge part of learning how to master film photography. This is where UK film hooked me. I finally understood what I was doing right, or wrong. Their feedback following every order, is priceless. They really go out of their way to help me get where I want to be with film. They also spend a good amount of their time on us photographers, never hesitating on being personal and friendly. They are not only extremely competent in what they do, they are some of the most friendly, honest and down to earth people I have ever done business with.

Do you have any tips for your fellow film photographers?

A good lab from day one. A lab that follows your journey with film. Don’t mess around changing lab or scanning yourself. GET A COMPETENT LAB (yes, UK Film Lab will do perfectly). Also, buy FRESH film and stick with one stock for a while, until you understand exposures and their effects (I wish I had done this). Otherwise, film photography could easily turn into a frustrating and expensive experience. Let go of all your fears and doubts. Really. LET GO! Just shoot! Shoot!…and then go shoot some more! There is no getting it right just by reading or overanalyzing. Embrace every mistake just like you embrace every success, they are stepping stones in your journey with the craft of photography. You will never know it all. Just go with it.

Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0001Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0002Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0003Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0004Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0005Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0006Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0007Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0008Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0009Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0010Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0011Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0012Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0013Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0014Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0015Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0016Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0017Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0018Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0019Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0020Sonia Jansson UK FIlm Lab_0021

You can check out more of Sonia’s inspirational photography here:

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