Canadian Film Lab Order Form

We love working with talented photographers from around the world who want to get the very best results from their film. Here’s how to send us your order. Please read the information in full, because it contains important information to ensure your film reaches us safely. This information may change over time, so we recommend you read it each time you send us film. For details of our pricing please click here.

On your marks! 

Package your film securely in a well-sealed padded/bubble envelope or box. We also recommend securing your order within a plastic bag or wrapper within your packaging. We do not recommend using any form of unpadded paper or cardboard envelope.

Download, complete and print our C41 Order Form and/or our B&W Order Form, and add it to your package (please select US letter size for printing). If you don’t have access to a printer please include a clearly handwritten order form with all fields completed.*

Get set! 

Choose your delivery method. This bit’s important so please read carefully!

For Canadian clients Please send your film to us via Canada Post or your own preferred courier service, to the address shown near the bottom of this page. If you’re using a courier you must provide them with our email address so that we receive notification of your order, or alternatively you may email your tracking ID to us. This is not required for orders sent via Canada Post.

For international clients We highly recommend our expedited courier service. We have partnered with DHL express**, one of the world’s leading international express mail services, to offer a fast and cost-effective delivery service. Please click here to find out more, and to book your shipment using our quick and simple online tool. We take care of all the rest, and we also offer a shipping discount for using this service.

International clients may also use our ‘film forwarding’ service for orders of 10 rolls or less. This service is ideally suited to those based in the UK but any clients are welcome to use it. We have trusted team members based at our UK address: Jackie Ward, Unit 1 Penmore Business Centre, Penmore House, Hasland Road, Chesterfield, S41 0SJ, UK. **Please note this is a change to our UK address as of November 2020**

They will receive your film, package it securely and send it on to us as part of a weekly shipment (every Thursday or Friday) via our DHL Express** service at no extra cost to you. This is a very cost-effective option for smaller orders. If demand for this service proves popular then we will be increasing the frequency of the onward shipments, and due to the ultra fast transit time of around 3 working days from the UK on to Canada, shipping time will be fast! Please send your film along with an order form to the address shown above.

You may also use your own country’s national post service (though we do not recommend this option due to variable delivery timescales) or a courier of your choice. If using your own courier you must provide them with our email address so that we receive notification of your order. For your customs declaration please describe the contents of your package as ‘Exposed film’. In terms of value, used photographic film has a nominal value of around 5 cents per roll, so a value of $10 or less should be entered. Please note you should not declare a higher value, such as that you would place on your film for insurance purposes. This is not the intended purpose of the customs declaration, and it will result in duty and tax being applied to your order. If you have any questions please email


Post your film to:

65578 Gordon Drive




V0X 1L1

Remember, if you are using a courier other than our own DHL service you must provide our email address to your courier so that we receive notification of your order and can track your shipment coming in.

You’ll receive an email as soon as your film is safely in our hands, along with a secure online invoice to pay for your order. We’ll also let you know the date by which you can expect your scans. One of the things that makes us unique is that we will never deliver scans late, so if it’s a day later than the ‘due date’ we quoted, please email so that we can sort things out for you straight away.

Please note prices are subject to change without notice. For up-to-date pricing details please visit our pricing page.

* We appreciate that many clients want to reduce their use of paper, and we completely understand! However, because we archive negatives at the lab for our clients to reduce return postage costs, it’s important that we have a paper order form to accompany your negatives so that we always know they belong to you. Your order form is also the way we check for important information such as requests for push processing. When you receive your negatives back you’ll be able to recycle your unwanted order forms.

** The DHL express shipping service option is made available for the convenience of our customers through DHL Express and is not directly affiliated with Canadian Film Lab. The information we provide about this service is intended as a guide, based on information provided by DHL to us. For more information about DHL Express including their shipping terms & conditions please visit their website

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