Temporarily ‘closed’ to brand new clients (this will have no effect for any of our existing clients)

From 1st May 2018 until 31st July, we have decided that we will only accept orders from existing clients of Canadian Film Lab. This means that we will be unable to accept orders from photographers who have never used our lab before. We are a small, family business whose aim is always to deliver the highest quality, personal service and beautiful scans. Demand for our services is exceptionally high and constantly growing, and whilst we consider this to be a wonderful privilege, it means that we need to take this temporary measure in the interests of workload management, to ensure we continue to provide exceptional service. This restriction applies ONLY to photographers who have NEVER before sent film to Canadian Film Lab. Any client who currently uses us, or who has used us in the past, should continue to send film in as normal (please click here to return to our order form page).

We will accept orders from new clients that arrive with us up until 14th May, to allow for packages that are already on their way to us, but from 1st May we would ask any would-be first time users, not to send their film in to the lab. At present we anticipate removing this restriction as of 1st August, although we will continue to monitor demand, and will make further announcements in due course if we decide to extend. We value the opportunity to work with new clients and we are so sorry to disappoint you if you are interested in working with us for the first time. We hope you understand that we do this in the interests of maintaining our ability to provide a high quality service to our clients. If you’d like to be notified of when we reopen to brand new clients later in the year, or if you have any questions, please email hello@canadianfilmlab.com with the email title ‘please add me to your waiting list’.

As owners and operators of Canadian Film Lab we’re very proud of the work we do. We care about our clients and we always aim to offer the best possible service. Being a small, family business means that we get to know our clients, working with them closely to deliver exceptional results. We believe passionately that keeping our team small is the best way to continue to offer such a high quality, personal service, and so we have to consider carefully how we manage workload in the lab. Over our busiest times we can work over 90 hours per week in the lab in order to maintain our service. This can begin to have an impact on work/life balance, and so we also take this step in the longer term interests of our health and happiness, which is of course a vital part of the ongoing running of our business.

Thank you so much, and we wish you all a wonderful summer!


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