We are excited to announce the launch of Canadian Film Lab’s proof print service!

Our prints are produced in-house on the Epson SureLab D870 minilab printer, which uses Epson UltraChrome® D6r-S dye-based ink technology to produce exceptional wide gamut , true-to-life colour quality, and the highest quality lustre-finish to produce an exceptional print, suitable for delivering to your clients, or to simply enjoy and treasure for your own personal photographs. The benefits of dry lab technology also mean your prints are water, smudge and fade resistant.

As we start this service, we will be offering a ‘small but perfectly formed’ range of print products to our film lab clients. At the time of placing your order our order form will now include the option of adding one or more sets of prints for one or more of your rolls, so that in addition to receiving your film scans electronically as usual, we will also print your scans and ship them to you. 

We will be offering two size options for each format, with a regular size of 6” x 4” for 35mm film, and a large size of xxxx

We will be offering two size options: Small, which will be 6” on the longest edge, and Large, which will be 8” on the longest edge. You can choose for your prints to be either borderless or with a 1/4” border.

When we receive your order we will include your prints and print shipping in your invoice, alongside the usual developing and scanning price. You can find a full print price list on the pricing page of our website:

We have also included some indicative shipping prices. These are based on our current estimates of packaging and postage costs, which may vary.

At present we will continue to ship negatives back separately in bulk, but we will keep this under review (researching and costing the packaging and shipping arrangements are easily the most complicated part of the process of setting up this new service!)

We welcome your feedback during this time, to help us determine the future directions in which we take this exciting new service!

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