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Want to join our closed client list? Do you like the highest quality film processing alongside personal service? Then there is some exciting news! As most will know we have been operating on the basis of a closed client list since October 2018. This has helped us to maintain a healthier work/life balance alongside enabling us to give an even greater focus on our personal service and highest quality film processing. We always knew that with this being a new concept it may need to be adjusted over time as we develop a feel for the capacity within our closed list. Since October 2018 we have been steadily building a waiting list of photographers who wanted to join our closed list, and over the last few months we have been adding some new clients in. We’re now in the exciting position to announce that for a period of around 1 month we will be taking on new clients to our closed list. So how can you be one of our clients? It’s easy! All you have to do is send an email to telling us that you’d like to work with us, and we’ll reply with all the details of how we work with our clients, how to download our order forms and send film in. Please note that emails that arrive while we’re closed for our festive break (between 28th December – 6th January) will be replied to on our return, but don’t worry, as long as we have your email you’ll be invited onto our closed list! We look forward to working with you, and have a Happy Christmas!

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