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It’s time for another UK Film Lab Spotlight and today we’re really excited to be sharing the work of Britt Spring with you. Britt’s distinctive style caught our eye quite some time ago and when we looked through the film we’d received from Britt there were so many shoots we could’ve chosen for this feature, but this one really stood out for the incredible and clever use of light. As always we start with a quick Q&A with our Spotlight photographer and Britt has shared some really useful insight and tips, and then below the text are photographs from one of Britt’s shoots. Film: Portra 400 and Ilford XP2 Super.

(1) Why do you take photographs?

Such a simple question but not an easy one to answer. I’m not the kind of person that has their camera with them at all times. There I said it! I don’t walk around seeing photographs in my head. I’ll meet someone and get inspired. People inspire me. My mind will start ticking over about where to photograph them in what setting and what mood I want it. The buzz I get from meeting someone for the first time, making a connection with them, getting them excited about the process, getting them to trust me, enough to agreeing to sit on the wet ground in the cold in the wind & still get a beautiful image …. wow what a compliment.

(2) Why do you shoot film?

When I fell in love with photography it was the medium I learnt on so I didn’t think about the fact it was film, it just was what was available at the time. Now of course having experienced both forms I appreciate film and its quality so much more. Film is authentic, it’s colourful, it’s got depth. In the right light it can look like a painting. At heart I have always been a purist and I identify with the mindset of shooting in camera and editing as little as possible. Probably why I struggled for some time with the editing process of digital, I could never get it quite right no matter how little or how much I tweaked those photos. I really love the fact that when that email comes through from UK Film Lab most of the hard work has been done and the only editing I’ll have to do is a tweak here and there due to personal taste. I have a lot more time to drink coffee and skype my friends these days!

(3) Why do you use UK Film Lab?

I wish I had found Christian & Erica sooner, I had been floundering for about a year trying one lab after the other. Disappointed and very broke…. I appreciate the level of care they take in processing my film, giving feedback and their friendly approach. They have transformed my business and my goals into a reality. As cheesy as it sounds it’s true. Without a good lab your pictures will never look amazing. Because of Christian & Erica I shot my first job 100% on film 2 weeks ago…. something I have been wanting to do for a long long time.

(4) Do you have any tips for your fellow film photographers?

If you are starting out and want to add film into your portfolio I would suggest buying a reasonably priced film camera body (preferably the same type as the digital camera you use now so you don’t need to buy extra lenses) read that manual back to front and get to grips with how to use it. Then take it to every single job and shoot a roll every time. Adding more rolls as you feel more comfortable with the process. If you can afford it, attend a workshop/mentoring session with people you identify with & love their style. You will be well on your way to making dreamy images with the help of UK Film Lab. I promise.


Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0001Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0002Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0003Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0004Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0005Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0006Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0007Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0008Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0009Britt Spring UK Film Lab Spotlight_0010

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